The Cooper Laboratory has created a complete line of Hot Water Bottles and Heating Pads.

These products are intended to provide a quality service in terms of pain relief, improved comfort and calming baby.

Whether it is by Thermotherapy or Cryotherapy, Cooper offers the hot water bottle adapted to each age or the heating pad adapted to each pain.


Everyone knows the cushions filled with cherry kernels, to warm in the microwave, "LES CHERRY".

INATURA offers its hot water warmth Cherry Core Warmers or warming Microwave Linseed to relieve back or neck pain, muscle cramps or abdominal cramps ...

INATURA offers natural 100 hot water bottles, reusable to infinity and machine washable.


SOFRAMAR, exclusive distributor of the Intelex brand.

Intelex, manufacturer and designer from 1995 in England, is at the origin of the very first hot water bottle in Europe, in the form of plush or banner (Hot Pack).

After many innovation awards, and more than 10 millions of satisfied customers in the world, Intelex is positioned as the leader in the market of hot water bottles.